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Weekly Stroke Play Challenge!

Great Deals & Great Meals @ GA!

4 Person Scramble @ Harbor Town!

indoor virtual golf great eats & cold brew clubhouse atmosphere


Red Rock Valley Stroke Play...

Congrats to last weeks winners! Nice work to Mike on a solid 58! This week we get to play The...more

Pine Rivers Champ Stroke Play...

Congrats to the same fellas that won last weeks Stroke Play Challenge! Jordie wins is again with...more

Pine Needles Stroke Play...

Congrats to our winners this week! That's 2 in a row for Jordie! Who will take home the cash this...more

The Masters at Golf Addiction!

The Masters are just around he corner! If you are a true golf addict, you will be glued to the TV...more

Pebble Beach Stroke Play...

Congrats to last weeks winners! Who will win this week at Pine Needles??? Reminder... 100% CASH...more

Golf Addiction

Golf Addiction, an indoor virtual golf facility, is here to provide golf year round. We provide aboutGolf PGA Tour Simulators, one being a large 3-screen SimSurround. You will be able to play a round of golf on some of the PGA's most difficult golf courses with your own clubs. Plus enjoy some great eats & cold brew.