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Golf Addiction, an indoor virtual golf facility, is here to provide golf year round. We provide aboutGolf PGA Tour Simulators, one being a large CurveScreen. You will be able to play a round of golf on some of the PGA's greatest golf courses. We are more than just golf, come enjoy our full menu of food & great bar!

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Thank You For 10 Years! Cheers to 10 More!


Thank You For 10 Years! Cheers to 10 More!

Happy New Year and Thank you for the past 10 Years!

We are not sure Thank You can justify the amount of gratitude we have for not only all of our customers, but also to all our employees and families. 10 Years guys... that is crazy! As we sit in the office and write this at the desk we installed over 10 years ago, we remember all the excitement, anxiety and determination we felt while putting this desk in. It was all new, exciting and a bit nerve-racking. 10 Years... it's the same desk with new feelings. Yes, we still feel excited, anxious and determined but we have added an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. You all have made the past 10 years fly by with your amazing patronage. We have a hard time using the word customers because we have developed many friendships over the past 10 years with you all. Some of our closeset friends came to us because of this business. We are the luckiest couple of small town guys ever, PERIOD. Luck... that's a tough word for us, as we feel luck is based on the decisions we make and the people we surround ourselves with. Luck vs Success, what's the difference? In the business world, there is no such thing as luck. Your success isn't based on getting lucky that customers just show up or you just get lucky that you have great employees, it's based on the things you do and the way you treat people. Coming from a small town of 600 people, you learn pretty quickly that you treat others with respect and kindness. If not, word travels fast. That is the same with small businesses. Now don't get me wrong, we have our moments but when we are surrounded by amazing people, it's pretty easy to be nice! If you read our 5 year article you will recognize this phrase, Expect To Accomplish What You Attempt. BTW, pretty proud that this one isn't as long and run on as that one! But basically determination, confidence and amazing people has given us 10 years of accomplishments. We can not thank you all enough for this. Thanks for being awesome!

How do we truly acknowledge those people we get to surround ourselves with everyday? Amazingly talented dedicated hardworking respectfully out of this world awesome? I'm not even sure that does it? Who are we talking about? Only the ones that make this whole thing happen day in and day out, our staff. Over 10 years we have had some come and go, but we honestly don't have a single previous staff member we wouldn't walk up to and give a hug to today. The relationships we build while working side by side with you all is beyond special. You give us your time to work at our business and help make it grow with your amazing customer service. Watching people give their attention and time to your business as an employee is a feeling unlike any other. Success is based on the people you surround yourself with and we have been surround by so many amazing humans who we get to work with. You guys make this store succeed. You all made it last for 10 years. You truly are the reason why people continue to give us their business. We appreciate you all more than you will ever know. Just sitting here writing this makes our hearts so full, it's such an amazing feeling. Thank you all for that.

10 years... that's a long time. It's actually a decade! Dad jokes for days guys! So as we are still sitting here at the same 10 year old desk, which we are starting to realize probably could use an upgrade, we are realizing how much time we've spent right here. Not at home but right here. Not because we didn't want to be at home but because the business relies on strategizing, planning and preparing. 10 years this business has occupied the majority of our days and energy. As neither one of us are Packer fans, this kills us to put it in here but we thoroughly enjoy this quote from Vince Lombardi, "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary" . We understand that success comes from long days and hard work. We also understand after 10 years our families have had to take a lot of back seat rides to the business. Meaning they sometimes take on the stressed man that comes home after a long day. How great it would be to say that the past 10 years have been simple and easy, the truth is that is hasn't all been easy. Yep, we put on our big boys pants and deal with adversity but our families typically take the brunt of the stress. They deal with the long days, phones calls and the "gotta run to the store for a bit" moments. But you know what, they are always there when we get home with hugs, how was your day and full of love for us. There is no way in hell we could ever do what we do with out that support group. Our families have put up with some pretty crazy schedules, ideas and emotions it's unbelievable. But they are always there, I mean always. They don't back away or shut down on us. They are there, with support, love or laughs. I mean, when we opened this store in 2013, Adam had 1 year old twin boys and two daughters not even in their teens yet. My wife and I just had our first born whom was not even months old when we opened. So during the process of building, setting up and preparing to open, we had young families. We can remember going into meetings with his boys in car seats and each of us would be standing and swinging the car seats in hopes to keep them asleep during the meeting. Or when we finally did open, having a spare room in back that we put a baby gate up so we could put all our boys back there with a bunch of toys. Yes, we checked on them frequently but we literally did what it took to get this thing going. Back to the point here, our families are the reason we were able to handle all the stress and emotions we had. They supported it all and encourage it all. Knowing they would be taking a back seat to the work we had to do. Again, no way in hell we could have done what we've done without them. We love you and thank you for being there. We are two very very lucky guys to have you all in our lives.
This goes for our whole family support system. Our parents were there for the what do you guys think conversations. They were there for the what should we do now talks. The guidance, support and patience you gave us made this all happen. And to our cheerleaders and encouragers, our siblings. They were on board the first time we mentioned this crazy concept. The encouraging text, phones calls and hugs made opening this business even more fulfilling. As you all may not know, Adams brother and sister-in-law created the Golf Addiction logo! They sent us so many creations and even after we'd say no to them, they just kept sending more. Thank you guys for all your support and time. Thank you all for being there, always showing your support and for always understanding. We love you!

10 Flipping Years Guys!! That's Nuts! 8 Years in Fargo! That still blows our minds!

Cheers to 10 years! Cheers Friends for 10 more!

Beyond Grateful,

John & Adam

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